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The Freaky Forest

The Freaky Forest is what remains from the train accident from 1942.

The circus was going through town and hit the Getty's car that was stranded on the railroad tracks. Unfortunately the Getty's didn't make it. The loss of life is usually hard, but in this case the family was not very well off. The shanty they had to move to was in poor repairs. The car was their last possession that they didn't sell off to survive. The circus on the train had causalities as well. Many of their performers passed away physically but their spirits live on. The ground the Gettys lived on is an old woods that the property owner didn't know they were there at the time. Grandma wouldn't have wanted them there, and she is still around trying to get rid of everyone there. Some of the occupants who survived were the prisoners who were helping with the set up of the circus. They still roam the woods and with lack of food had to turn to alternative meals. What does that mean? Well you might find a few skeletons that have been picked on for meals.

, Ohio, 43056

Dates and Hours
See website for details
Dusk to midnight

Admission and Event Type
Outdoor Event
$15.00 to corn maze - haunt included in ticket price (2 attractions)

Located in: Central